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Aimpoint T2 - Complete Bundle [Pre-Order] | 2 Colours

Aimpoint T2 - Complete Bundle [Pre-Order] | 2 Colours

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Aimpoint T2 - Complete Bundle

Are you looking to get a Micro T2 style red dot and potentially expand your
capabilities with it in the future? Then look no further than the Aimpoint Micro T2
Complete Bundle, which comes with the Micro T2 and then some!

The UT FAST Micro Mount system helps you pick up your reticle much faster and
ensures alignment of the G43 magnifier and the red dot. The Flip To Centre (FTC)
feature allows you to stow the magnifier away whilst maintaining a very slim profile,
reducing potential snag hazards.

Additionally, the HRK SKIFF makes the setup suitable for short barrelled gel
blasters, as it gives you the ability to mount your PEQ-15 or NGALs without taking up
what is already limited rail space from running short handguards.

Contents - 

- Aimpoint Micro T2 Red Dot Sight
- EOTech G43 3x Magnifier with all the standard mounting hardware
- Unity Tactical FAST Micro Mount; and
- Flip to Centre (FTC) mount that is compatible with the G43 Magnifier

Available in all Black or FDE. Please note that the HRF SKIFF is only available in Black

Please note - This is a pre-order item and estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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