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Roll up Trauma Pouch | 3 Colours

Roll up Trauma Pouch | 3 Colours

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The Roll up Trauma Pouch is a dangler style pouch that stores Individual First Aid Kit contents and offers rapid deployment in an emergency.


The Roll up Trauma Pouch is intended to be worn in the opening of the rear body armor plate pocket occupying unused real estate, in turn staying out of the way. The open ended, ambidextrous outer pouch enables access on both sides of the casualty if trauma care is required. Pull on either left or right tab to pull out insert and gain access to your Individual First Aid Kit contents.

*High Quality Replica of The Ferro Concepts Roll up Trauma Pouch*

  • Pouch Measures: 240mm x 120mm (24cm x 12cm) 
  • Velcro Tab Measures: 220mm x 50mm (22cm x 5cm)


Fabric: INVISTA Cordura [Delustered]

Yarn Count: 500D x 500D

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