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FCPC V5 Plate Carrier | 2 Colours

FCPC V5 Plate Carrier | 2 Colours

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The FCPC V5 carrier, The ultimate pursuit of innovation has created the FCPC (Ferro Concepts Plate Carrier) It has carved and maintained its status as the forefront of lightweight and adaptable plate carrier design.

Comes with 2 x EVA plates. Check out other front flaps, back panels and pouches that are compatible with with this FCPC V5.  


The zip-on back panel system, integrated into the rear plate pocket, allows quick and easy swap-out of back panels. Laser cut MOLLE rows remain for existing compatible products.

The front plate pocket contains concealed G-hook attachment points and provides low profile integration of all V5 compatible front flaps and placards.

For optimal fit and function, the shoulder straps were designed to enable the user to customize the carrier to their preference with strap hardware that can be swapped from side-to-side and to other forms of preferred fastening.

For heightened mission efficiency and situational awareness, the built-in full width admin pocket is accompanied with a laser cut MOLLE panel to integrate modern mobile device platforms (such as ATAK) and associated accessories.

Fits SAPI, ESAPI, Swimmer cut Armour/Ballistic Plates 

  • SAPI Medium - 1.82kg (4.0lb) | 241x318mm (9 91/2 x 12 1/2in)
  • ESAPI Medium- 2.50kg (5.50lb) | 241x318mm ( 9 1/2 x 12 1/2in)

High Quality Replica of The Ferro Concepts FCPC V5 Plate Carrier System


Fabric: INVISTA Cordura [Delustered]

Yarn Count: 500D x 500D

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