About Loadout Locker

Loadout Locker is currently a small online store based in South East Queensland dedicated to supply high quality products Australia wide.
Loadout Locker started as we noticed through time playing gel ball there was a lack in quality gear supplied locally in Australia, it was either really poor quality or the real thing, which results in paying more and not using too it's full potential.  We wanted to locally provide high quality replica tactical gear mainly for the Milsim/Gel Ball Community.
Loadout Locker aims to be apart of the community and is looking to host or sponsor Milsim Gel Ball Events and other community related events in the future as the store grows. Loadout Locker is also wanting to make sure the store is providing what the community wants, so please email me or message me on Instagram/Facebook with some products you would like to see available on the store, as you have a say in what Loadout Locker supplies!  
Feedback is greatly appreciated, so please contact us if you have some to give.