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  • Excellent bit of gear, holds 556 pmags nicely, with bungee retention so you don’t have to worry about them self ejecting and disappearing in the scrub. With stanags they sit lower but still don’t fall out, I’d recommend using magpul pullers or using the paracord and tape method to assist with removing them in a pinch. The ability to also use the extra 3 pockets on the front is great. You can never have enough storage on the longer days in the field.

    - Alex L Quad Placcard

  • This sling is wiked, lightweight, well made high quality, unlike some slings it doesn't muck around with having a bunch of extra bits hanging off its super simple to use and super simple to swap the clips out for QD clips. Would absolutely recommend this sling

    -Justin Spier MK2 Sling

  • Used this mini pouch on the weekend. I used to run the MOLLE version which is much larger on my belt. However the pouch sizes are much the same. Can still fit 5-6 empty 5.56 mags. Much smaller on the belt, allows for further attachments of med pouches & accessories. If compact is what you are looking for id recommend this dump. 10/10

    - AlphaSevenActual Mini dump pouch

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