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WADSN Pre-Order

  • LOOKS BETTER UPCLOSE AND PERSONAL - I was torn between a mutlicam or coyote brown one, but I'm glad I went with the latter. Well made and love the modular set-up. The coyote brown suits well with my multicam plate carried I reckon. Excellent to mix and match. Used it first on the field and it was perfect.Thank you. Highly recommend.

    - Stephen 5.56 Quad Placard

  • BLOODY AWESOME - Cummerbunds work bloody great, have a nice rigid design and help surprisingly well for load bearing the plate carrier, running them currently on a platatac SMAC 3 integrates amazingly with the SMACs design.

    - Lachlan Adaptable Cummerbunds

  • ALL THE STORAGE - Great add on to my FCPC if you're looking to carry a little extra. More for you or easy access for your mates. Two tabs to secure to molle at top and bottom of panel, then zip up to secure. Quick and easy. Three pouches top, good for grenades or extra mags. The retention flaps are neat and tidy, secured with a long vertical tab. Zip up pouch down the bottom good for another three mags/grenades or miscellaneous items.

    - Stu FCPC V5 Banger Panel

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